Galvanized iron


The galvanized iron together with special gels will rejuvenate you, nourish your skin, moisturize it, stretch out the contours and wrinkles.

You don't have to wait for the resulting effect of creams for years or go to rejuvenating week stays anymore. Get ready to make a 100% impression with a tightened, rejuvenated and perfect skin! Painlessly, quickly, efficiently and visibly younger, firmer, more elastic and more beautiful skin!


The galvanized iron is one of the methods how you can keep your skin in form without undergoing any surgical procedures. The iron works on the principle of positive and negative galvanic current. The galvanic current stimulates the cells to be active and thanks to this, it restores the lost elasticity of the skin. Through galvanization, the skin is deeply cleansed in all the layers of the skin, the iron pulls out all impurities and toxins from the skin. Afterwards, cosmetic products are applied on the skin, which will perfectly nourish it. The iron is suitable for acne, eczema, psoriasis and wrinkled skin.

What can a galvanized iron do?

It rejuvenates the skin

It deeply detoxifies it

It smoothens out and reduces wrinkles

It works the muscles – it significantly slims down the face

It’s suitable for acne, eczema, red spots, small scars after acne

It fights against blemishes, pigment spots

It’ll get you rid of circles under your eyes

It unifies and brightens your skin

How is galvanization carried out?

Before the “ironing” itself, a cleansing foam is applied to the face, which promotes skin renewal. The galvanization itself lasts only 10 minutes in 2 phases. In the first phase, the treating gel binds impurities, smoothens out and unclogs the pores, it allows them to breathe, it dissolves and liquifies excess oil on the face. In the second phase, the treating gel removes impurities and provides the skin with the special formula called ageLOC, which focuses on the essential causes of aging, thereby conserving the young appearance of the skin and minimising aging.

The treatment is painless!

Already after the first, you can see the expected results.

Initially, the ironing is done twice a week, then it’s enough to use the iron 1x in 14 days. If used regularly, the effects of the galvanized iron multiply.

After treatment, the face isn’t sensitive or reddish in any way, so it’s possible to do your make-up immediately after the application. Women are more than satisfied with smooth skin and often don’t use any make-up afterwards.


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